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people-icons-long is a brain health treatment program.

We offer classes, groups, and individual psychotherapy.

We offer treatment to Mindful Health Solutions patients.

What is an emotional disorder?

Nearly 20% of adults in the US experience mood and anxiety disorders like major depression, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety. The WHO reports that anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the world. Almost 7% of the adult population in the US experiences depression.

Emotional disorders drive you to avoid what you care about or causes you significant distress in doing what you care about. It is not an indication of weakness—the mind is simply caught in a trick. While attempting to protect you, the mind amplifies your distress.

Classes, groups, and individual psychotherapy

Modern, evidence-based science understands that experiencing the full range of emotions is normal, healthy, and adaptive. Emotional disorders occur when patients dislike, resist against, or avoid their emotional experiences. is an online treatment program that delivers accessible, effective cognitive behavioral therapy to help create new thinking patterns, beliefs, and behaviors to alleviate suffering and lead a more meaningful life.

We work together to observe what’s happening in the mind, identify the mental tricks perpetuating distress, and support ways to respond differently in those moments.

Our treatment difference


Professionally trained, licensed psychotherapists

Our clinicians are licensed psychotherapists. They have masters degrees and doctorate degrees in clinical or counseling psychology or social work. Training to become a licensed psychotherapist varies slightly by degree. All degrees require two to six years of graduate coursework; over 4,000 hours of supervised clinical work; passing national and state-based exams; and ongoing continuing education to maintain licensure.

Your fellow group members share the same fears brings together the quality care offered by highly trained, licensed psychotherapists with the benefits of social support, including resilience, self-compassion, and collective hope.

Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral groups led by licensed psychotherapists include education and practice. After developing an understanding of what triggers, intensifies, and maintains your distress, we’ll work together to find new ways to help you live a life you value.



Accessible and technology enabled

We use technology to increase the opportunity for human connection and for more consistent, accessible care. It has been shown that videoconferencing is as efficacious as face-to-face care—and members report the ability to drop their hypervigilance by video. 

Our video conferencing and electronic health record software is HIPAA compliant.

How Works

Brain Health Classes

Classes include up to 14 patients

Psychotherapist leads CBT lecture

Members report progress

Public commitment to weekly practice

Brain Health Groups

Small video group sessions of up to 5 patients

Psychotherapist provides CBT support

Patients ask questions and share experiences

Public commitment to weekly practice

Individual Psychotherapy

Patient assessment

Sixteen session CBT protocol

Tailored homework assignments

Individual sessions based on need*

Our members thrive in work and personal life


Manage the stress of your degree or career

Members aspiring for graduate degrees have applied, been accepted, and managed the stress of their programs in several disciplines during this program.

Unemployed members of this program have identified work, interviewed, begun full-time employment, and managed the stress of their job with

Overcome your social fears

Members who have struggled to make friends have identified social opportunities, risked the potential of being embarrassed or rejected, and made friends they like.

Members learn to modify and reduce symptoms that impair social life and develop greater connection with others.


Develop the capacity for vulnerability

Members who have never dated have identified their strengths, risked feeling anxious, rejected, and embarrassed, and started dating.

Members who have had persistent trouble finding healthy romantic relationships have identified patterns that make them vulnerable to unhealthy relationships, changed their behavior, and started healthy long-term committed relationships.

Changing your internal process creates external change

Life-changing progress happens in small private moments. To beat your anxiety and depression, you need to observe it, understand it, and get out in front of it.

When you know what’s coming, how it impacts you, and how to relate to it effectively, you become empowered to not just live by your values, but to approach your dreams.

Members shift the way they relate to themselves

Members of experience reduction in panic symptoms, worry, compulsions, social anxiety, shame, guilt, depression, and insomnia.

Members of this program experience increases in self-awareness, efficacy, empowerment, curiosity, and compassion.

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