Month: February 2019

Celebrate uncertainty

Here are a few questions to consider about this topic: In what areas of your life are you most sensitive to uncertainty? Does the feeling of uncertainty make it difficult for you to identify how you can take responsibility? That is, does uncertainty make you feel like you don’t have the ability to respond when …

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Avoid avoidances

The road to recovery is paved with details! We need to identify and observe the details of your anxious moment to know what to challenge, what to expose you to, and how to do the opposite. Anxiety disorders are created, maintained, and intensified by avoidance, and overcome with approach and exposure. Let’s start with understanding …

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Perfectionism is the wrong strategy for excellence

Perfectionism is a cognitive pattern, with behavioral implications, that maintains many different responses leading to anxiety. You can think about perfectionism as a problem of strategy, not outcome. Many perfectionists struggle to challenge their perfectionism because they’re afraid that it will lead to dropping their standards. They will no longer be striving for excellence. The most …

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