About Us

We promise to create an inclusive, safe community for anxiety sufferers to access affordable and effective cognitive-behavioral treatment by a licensed psychotherapist.

Our Vision

Huddle.care is the go-to online treatment community where individuals with anxiety and OCD come together as a team to lead richer, more meaningful lives. We aim to support members showing up, letting go of what’s unhelpful to them, committing to goals they care about, and reflecting on the changes they’ve made in life.


It’s a form of therapy led by a licensed psychotherapist where individuals learn to view and accept their thoughts as thoughts, sensations as sensations, and feelings and feelings—paving a path to relating effectively to those thoughts and flexibly choosing to commit to behaviors they value.


Members come back, day after day or week after week, to discuss what went well and what didn’t. They get encouragement, support, motivation, and ideas from their group members. Resilience lies in collective hope—the Huddle.care treatment community holds that hope for each other and chooses to maintain the belief that members can and will recover, even if it doesn't always feel that way. By accessing the power of social connection to treat the individual suffering that occurs in anxiety and OCD, we facilitate greater compassion towards self and others while we teach more flexible behaviors.


Read about our Core Values or listen to Dr. Maggie Perry describe her approach on the OCD Stories podcast.


Dr. Maggie Perry

Dr. Maggie Perry is a licensed psychologist and conducts all sessions over video conference. Maggie practiced in-person in San Francisco, Baltimore, and Chicago prior to founding Huddle.care. She holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Loyola University Maryland and a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Michigan.


Maggie trained at the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland under nationally-recognized anxiety experts, regularly speaks at prominent professional conferences, and has been published academically. During her training, Maggie has taught undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level courses on anxiety disorder treatment and group therapy at Loyola University Maryland and Towson University.


Maggie enjoys all forms of espresso, mid-afternoon naps, traveling abroad, and running daily to the same Spotify playlist.


Thompson Perry

Thompson Perry is a Chicago-based cockapoo. A York, PA native, Thompson quickly abandoned his Amish roots in favor of city life in several states.


He loves greeting dogs and people on the street, at the dog park, and in storefronts. He enjoys chasing balls, running up and down staircases, and is especially good at listening.


His favorite basketball player is Golden State's Klay Thompson and he's occasionally afraid of flags. As a loyal cofounder, Thompson was recently named CTO of Huddle.care, Chief Thompson Officer.

Why choose us?

  • Accessible

    "Having the flexibility to attend group sessions when I really need them—and from any location—makes Huddle.care a revolutionary platform in therapy."

  • Effective

    “This program taught me skills to manage my anxiety, but I’ve been most surprised by my increase in self-compassion.”

  • Community

    “This program finally helped me see that my anxiety disorder is a pattern of thoughts and behaviors that other people experience too, and not just something personally wrong with me.”

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