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Getting better, together

Foundations and framework

Clinicians need to consult with each other to develop and stay connected as a trusted community. Whether you’re looking to join an ongoing professional community, expand CBT skills for treating anxiety, or deep dive individual cases, for Clinicians provides you the flexibility you need as a clinician in 2019. for Clinicians is inspired by the presentation "The Art of Case Consultation" delivered by founder Maggie Perry, Psy.D., Sally Winston, Psy.D., and Joan Davidson, Ph.D. at the annual Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference in 2019.


Mental health clinicians are welcome to get started by joining an education module for free. You can also book a free consultation, ask any questions you have about the program, and sign up for consultations.


To get a better sense of for clinicians, review the for Clinicians curriculum here.

How for Clinicians Works

Education Modules

Group video session of 15+ members

Dr. Perry leads CBT lecture

Clinicians discuss ups and downs

Public commitment to clinical practice

Free to join

Group Consultations

Group video sessions of 3-5 members

Applied discussion of weekly curriculum

Process-based CBT case conceptualizations

Support and guidance for professional concerns

$199 per month for unlimited small groups

Individual Work

Individual CBT skills assessment and instruction

Tailored case conceptualizations

Individual consultations

Guidance for professional development 

$199 per hour

Ready to get better, together?

Let’s get started with classes, groups, or individual psychotherapy!

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