FREE video-based peer support groups and substance use tracking around COVID-19


We're all suffering from uncertainty around Coronavirus/Covid-19. Whether it's worry around health, finances, or loneliness, you're not alone. We're facilitating free video-based peer-led support groups for people to connect with and support each other. Groups will be sorted by gender, age, and topic.

Groups start on Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Social distancing can feel lonely

Social distancing is great for containing viruses, but loneliness is not great for recovering from viruses. 

Many of us are suffering from some anxiety or uncertainty about the future now, and we can use each other's support now more than ever.

Our groups are meant to connect us over video chat while we're social distancing. Connect with a group of 4-6 people to share your uncertainty and get group support. Or just use that time to talk about other topics - whatever helps most!

Talking with others helps

Whatever you're feeling during this uncertain time, you are not alone. Everyone's everyday life and plans for the future are disrupted in some way - connect with others and get support.

These groups are NOT for medical advice. Please refer to trusted sources like the Center for Disease Control or your local government guidelines for the most up-to-date advice around the virus itself.

How it Works


Choose a topic you'd like to talk about

Group topics around COVID-19:

  • Health - When you were your healthiest? What was happening in your life and what did that feel like?
  • Loneliness - When were you the most connected to others? What was happening in your life and what did that feel like?
  • School/work/finances - What was the most energizing time in your work or school life? What were you working on and why was it energizing? 

Group topics that aren't around COVID-19:

  • Movies, TV shows, podcasts - what are you listening to or watching? Why do you like it?
  • Other - What do you like talking about? Why?

Get a calendar invite for a group, and join remotely through Zoom

Groups will be sorted by gender, age (by decade), and the topic you're interested in. We'll send out a list of days/times to choose from, so you can choose anything that fits your convenience.

Once you select a group, you'll receive a calendar invitation with a Zoom video call link to join at the time of the call.


Each group will have a 'group leader' to help facilitate the group discussion

"Group leaders" are just people who volunteer to lead their group discussion in a way that everyone feels safe and contributes.

Don't worry about knowing how to lead a group - we'll send you a list of questions and topics through email to refer to prior to the call starting.

No Weed, No Alcohol

Our community overall has abstained from substances for the following days since April 1, 2020:


0 days


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