Example of self-monitoring for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

1) What was the trigger? Was it internal or external? My mom told me about her friend that was diagnosed with cancer

2) What sensations do you feel? heart beating faster, tightness in chest, short of breath, light-headedness

3) What thoughts are you having? what if I have cancer?  

4) What is your reaction to the sensations and the thoughts? what if I can’t stop thinking about this? what if my anxiety doesn’t go away?  

5) What types of avoidance do you want to engage in? I knew it was OCD, but I wanted to check my symptoms on WebMD. I wanted to ask my mom about it. Then I wanted to distract myself.

6) Did you engage in avoidance/neutralization/compulsions? Yes

7) If yes, what did you do? If no, why didn’t you? Immediately after my mom told me about her friend, I told my mom I was anxious and asked her if I could possibly have cancer. She said no, but then I felt a weird sensation in my arm and looked it up online. Later in the night, I kept thinking about it and watched some movies to distract myself.