Example of self-monitoring for Panic Disorder

1) What was the trigger? Was it internal or external or both? Driving on the highway 

2) What sensations do you feel? I’m having the sensations of heart racing, sweating, stomach in a knot, shoulders tight, arms and legs tingling, head hurts a little, dry mouth

3) What thoughts are you having? I’m having the thought, what if I panic while driving? 

4) What is your reaction to the sensations and the thoughts? Initially I didn’t like that I was having these sensations and thoughts, but then I remembered that I should practice wanting them, and I told myself, ‘Good job!’ for triggering them.

5) What types of avoidance do you want to engage in? I wanted to avoid driving.

6) Did you engage in avoidance/neutralization/compulsions? No

7) If yes, what did you do? If no, why didn’t you? I didn’t avoid driving because I remembered that I was uncomfortable, but not in danger, and that if I keep driving when I have these sensations and thoughts, they will eventually go away. Once I was a few blocks away, my sensations did in fact subside.